Top Ten Holiday Hacks To Do This Year

With the holidays right around the corner(aka Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years), many people are itching to start early before the craziness begins. Whether it’s buying food for Christmas dinner, or wrapping and storing presents, everyone one way or another is trying to make this holiday season extra special. And if you’re looking for fresh ideas when it comes to tips and tricks, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top ten greatest Christmas hacks of 2024 that would even make Santa’s elves jealous.

  1. Used Wrapping Paper Box- While not everyone cares about how their trash looks, if you can’t stand having unappealing trash bins/cans out and are looking to spice up your interior for friends and family this is the perfect hack for you. Try this hack by wrapping a big box or whatever trash container you have at home and covering it in fun, patterned Christmas paper. It’ll look cute in your pics and helps keep the flow of the Christmas mood going.
  2. Tinsel- If you’re running out of ornaments this year and don’t have the time to put up more or go to the store to buy new additions, all I can say is three words…. tinsel, tinsel, tinsel! If your tree is looking a little sparse use tinsel to fluff it up. It can come in an assortment of colors and will make your tree appear bigger (and bolder) than ever before!
  3. Topiaries- This hack truly works wonders because it can be used both indoors and outdoors and can withstand harsh weather conditions, snow storms and hail alike! It’s as easy as taking a Christmas cookie from a baby, the only items required to make it is an empty tomato cage and LED Christmas lights. Put the tomato cage upright and wrap the lights around it, plug them in, and this beauty come alive!
  4. Hack For Hanging Christmas Decorations- An almost effortless hack to hanging Christmas wreaths is to use a command hook on the back side of your door and hang it upside down. Not only will it make the experience of putting them up light and easy, but when the day of taking them down arrives you won’t have to worry about ugly nail holes in the surface of the door!
  5. Homemade Snowflakes- To do this hack, you’ll need a hot glue gun and protective paper. Heat up the glue gun and create a design of a snowflake. It can be an easy design off google, or a more in-depth snowflake design for the artsy kind, it’s really up to you. The next step is to let it dry until it becomes hard and can be taken off the paper. You can punch a tiny hole in the snowflakes with a pin, then tie them up with a piece of string, and voila! You have new ornaments for your tree! You can even include glitter!
  6. Mini Trees- For frugal Christmas decor, take a pack of coffee filters (these can be purchased at your local dollar store for under five bucks) and stack them together while slowly twisting each one at the top more than the last. You’ll have a new decoration for the living room in no time!
  7. Paper Keeper- Do you have rolls of extra wrapping paper you want to preserve for next year? If you do, go in your kitchen and get out a fresh piece of aluminum foil or eat up your leftovers and salvage what you can. Cut the foil into a square and make sure it’s bigger than a toilet paper tube, that’s your guide. Next, make a cut down the side of the toilet paper tube so you can wrap the foil around the outside and fold it inward to hold it in place. Push the foil in at the ends, and you’ll have an awesome- and practical- decorative clasp that will clamp around your tube, and hold your wrapping paper together. 
  8. Snack Pack Gift Wrap- This one is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. Take your gift and search for an empty chip bag. Clean the bag and turn it inside out, place your item inside and twist the top part of the bag. This can be done with a ribbon, tie, or bow, and boom! You’ll have a beautifully wrapped bag! Without needing an ounce of wrapping paper!
  9. Air Care- Your Christmas tree may be fake but you can still enjoy the scent of fresh pine. Take the air filter from your furnace, then get a bottle of pine essential oil and simply add ten to twenty drops on the back of the filter and put it back in position. From there, open your air register and you’re good to go!
  10. Shavings For Cravings- When you’re entertaining the family by a warm fire and decide to whip up some hot cocoa, go an extra mile by grabbing a potato peeler and a Hershey chocolate bar. After unwrapping the candy, cautiously shave down the side of the bar until it makes a decorative garnish of chocolate. You can use it to decorate cocoa or any other sweet treat you have this Christmas!