Charles Dicken’s

A Carol Christmas

Trivia Time!!!

1. What are some signs that Scrooge is being haunted even before Marley appears?

2. Why is Jacob Marley wrapped in chains when we first see him as a ghost?

3. What was the name of Ebenezer’s fellow apprentice when he worked at the Fezziwig warehouse?

4. During Christmas dinner at the Cratchit’s house, what food do they eat?

5. When Scrooge sees a reflection of Bell’s life after she left him, what at the end of the scene makes him tear up?

6. True or False? The graveyard where Scrooge is buried is clean and well taken care of. Explain.

7. When Mrs. Cratchit is crying about Tiny Tim’s death, what lie does she tell her children in order to reassure them she’s okay?

8.  After Scrooge is done with his last ghostly visit and comes back to his office the next day, when he is talking to Bob Cratchit, what are three things he promises to do?

9. What is Scrooge’s reaction to seeing both his childhood home, and his past self as a boy?

10.How did the charwoman get her bundle?  

11. Name an example of foreshadowing in A Christmas Carol.

12. What is the delightful surprise Scrooge gives the Cratchit family? Here’s a hint, he sends it anonymously and states “it’s twice the size of Tiny Tim”.

13. Why is Scrooge’s little sister Fan not present in the story?

14. In what remarkable way does Ebenezer Scrooge spend Christmas morning?

15. After being with the Ghost of Christmas Past what action does Scrooge take to try to make the spirit stop haunting him?

16. During the second chapter of the book, who visits Scrooge at his office first? Fred or the two charity workers?

17. When a boy comes over to Scrooge’s warehouse door and sings him a few lines of God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen what is his first reaction? 

18. After Marley leaves Scrooge and floats out the window what terrifying thing does Ebenezer see outside?

19. In the middle of his conversation with the Ghost of Christmas Past about his old boss, Mr. Fezziwig, what makes him stop talking?

20. At the end of the story we see Scrooge a changed man. Instead of “Bah Humbug” what are Scrooge’s words now?

Test Answer Key

1.Scrooge sees the face of the ghost of Jacob Marley on his front door; the bells in Scrooge’s room start ringing and continue to ring for almost a minute.

2. Marley wears the chain as punishment for his selfishness and greed in life.

3. Dick Wilkins.

4. The Cratchit’s prepared goose, sweetened applesauce, mashed potatoes, a Christmas pudding, and a cup of hot mixture made out of gin and lemon.

5. Scrooge sees Bell’s happy family and her beautiful daughter and thinks about how the child could have been his and how she could’ve brought joy to his life.

6. False. In the story it says what an awful place the gravesite is and gritty details such as how it’s closed in by houses, overrun with weeds, and crowded with tombstones.

7. Mrs. Cratchit tells her children it’s her sewing. She says that sewing the black cloth by candlelight hurts them and makes them red and that she doesn’t want Mr. Cratchit to see them red when he gets home.

8. He promised to raise Bob’s salary, get Bob’s son Peter an apprenticeship, and find Tiny Tim a doctor who can help him.

9. He wept.

10. She stole Scrooge’s bed curtains and blankets while his body was lying on the bed, and later stole the fine shirt he was to be buried in by swapping the fine silk shirt for an old cotton one instead.

11. One example of foreshadowing in the story is the time when Scrooge is with the Ghost of Christmas Future and visits his warehouse. It’s still an office but the furniture isn’t his and the figure in his office isn’t him. This foreshadows that in the future, Scrooge has died.

12. He sends them the prize turkey that was hanging in the widow of the poultry shop.

13. Fan died a woman after she had married and gave birth to Ebenezer’s nephew Fred. 

14. He went to church. He also walked about the streets of the city beaming at all the happy people, talked to beggars, and patted children on the head.

15.  Scrooge takes the cap hanging down the Ghost of Christmas Past’s back and presses the cap on its head hoping that if he put out the phantom’s light it would leave him alone.

16. Fred.

17. Scrooge took his ruler and shook it toward the door violently until the boy ran away.

18. He witnesses hundreds of ghosts in the night sky wearing chains, crying and moaning with sorrow.

19. He saw that the ghost was staring at him and when asked what the matter was, he said that he would’ve liked to say a kind word or two to Bob Cratchit at that moment.

20. “God bless us, everyone!”

Comment how many answers out of twenty you got correct! Are you an expert of this whimsical tale? If not, be sure to add this movie to your watchlist before the year is out!