🌸 Gianna 🌸

🌎👽Greetings from Earth!👽🌎


As you can see up top, my name is Gianna and I am the dominant school writer of literary magazine and have written notable pieces such as “Writer’s Block”, “Top Ten Holiday Hacks To Do This Year”, and “The Not-So Spirited Sisters”. ❄️🎄🎀🖊️✏️

I’m fifteen years old and have many interests and hobbies, including the activity of reading and watching anime. I know most girls my age may be into the gory, more mature side of anime shows and manga, but for me I’m a much bigger fan of lighthearted romance and action. I’m also a fan of the slightly older, but still relevant 1996 to 2005 series “Kare Kano: His And Her Circumstances”.


I seriously recommend this series to either men or women (depending on whatever floats your boat, I don’t judge) who have just stepped into the wonderful world of anime and don’t know where to begin. (˵ •̀ ᴗ – ˵ ) ✧

Besides that, I love nature and I live with my mother, two brothers, four pond fish, and a dog. I love fashion and make each outfit of mine a passion project. I hope to become an actress in the future and go into university to major in either conservation or psychology, preferably an experimental psychologist. And no, when I say experiment I don’t mean performing lobotomies on people! I would be practicing harmless tests on the human brain with fully authorized, safe equipment, and professionals by my side.


I either want to be this or be in clinical because then I’d be killing two birds with one stone. For starters, I could potentially have an annual salary of one hundred thousand dollars a year! Not to mention, I’d be helping cure the mind of ailments I myself have been inflicted with over the years, including severe cases of OCD. But also things such as persistent depressive disorder, and most commonly, bipolar depression.😢


My main purpose in life is to make people laugh, be a good Christian, and help people who feel hopeless, alone, and are being held captive in the dark corners of their own heads.🖤🧠⛓⛈️