Yuki-onna (雪女, “snow woman”) is a spirit or yokai in japanese mythology that is often depicted as a tall, beautiful woman whop has long black hair and pale skin. She wears a white kimono that’s thin or is sometimes is naked. It’s said she only comes out during the winter seasons/ snowy areas or to warn you about coming snow fall.

In the aomori and Yamagata prefectures , there is a similar story about one called the “Shigama-onna.” In the kaminoyama region of Yamagata, a yuki-onna would come visit an old couple on a snowy night to warm herself by the irori When late at night the Yuki-onna would again go out on a journey, the old man would attempt to take her hand to stop her, when he noticed that she was chillingly cold. Then, before his eyes, the girl turned into a whirl of snow that exited the house through the chimney. Also, it has some points of similarity with the kokakuchō; and on the night of a blizzard, as the Yuki-onna would be standing there hugging a child (yukinko), it would ask people passing by to hug the child as well. When one hugs the child, the child would become heavier and heavier until one would become covered with snow and freeze to death. It has also been told that if one refuses, one would be shoved down into a snowy valley. 

In Hirosaki in Aomori, it is said that there was a warrior who was asked by a yuki-onna to hug a child similarly, but the warrior held a short sword by the mouth and hugged the child while making the blade go close to the child’s head, which allowed the warrior to avoid the aforementioned phenomenon. When the warrior handed the child back to the Yuki-onna, the ghoul gave many treasures as thanks for hugging the child. It is also said that those who are able to withstand the ever-increasing weight of the yukinko and last all the way through would acquire great physical strength.