How Odd Future started Tyler, The Creator’s career

In the olden days of 2007, a hip hop collective named Odd Future, OF, OFWGKTA, or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All was born. At first, its main members were Tyler Okonma (Tyler, the Creator), Vyron Turner (Left Brain), Casey Jones (Casey Veggies), Gerard Long (Hodgy), Matthew Martin (Matt Martians), Davon Wilson (Jasper Dolphin), Travis Bennet (Taco), and Sydney Loren Bennet (Syd Tha Kid). The groups first release was in 2008, named “The Odd Future Tape”. This release consisted of 19 songs, which 2 of them, “Slow It Down” and “Odd Toddlers”, were used on Tyler’s debut album “Bastard”, which was released in 2009. The Odd Future Tape boosted the group up to popularity in the LA area (where the group originated)