Gozu (牛頭, “Cow Head”), also known as “Ox Head”, is a Japanese urban legend about a fictional story called “Cow Head”. Supposedly the “Cow Head” story is so horrifying that people who read or hear it are overcome with fear so great that they tremble violently for days on end until they die. The full story was broken up into fragments that when read individually are not lethal, but still bring great pain and suffering upon those who read or listen to their words.

There’s also a movie featuring him called “Gozu.”

There is a legend that goes that Tamaki Hattori a teacher of an all-boys school and tasked with chaperoning the school trip to a remote village that held some historical significance. The boys were rowdy and wouldn’t listen to their teacher when he told them to behave. He had an idea on how to distract the students. He stood and raised his voice to get the students’ attention. “I know a story,” he said. “A story you have never heard before. Would you like me to tell you? It’s a scary story,” he said. “A story that is forbidden to tell. But I will tell you the story if you promise to keep it a secret.” He then began.

There was a farmer, his wife and child who had been walking from their home to another village since there’s had been destroyed by a flood. The farmer knew he could not bring his family along the rest of the way so he cut open the stomach of a dead cow on the side of the road and told them to get inside and that he would bring back help. When he got to the village he passed out and when he awoke again he went into delirium. He grabbed an axe and headed to his wife and child, when he found them he believed them to be a giant monster and he swung his axe down upon them again and again and again. He then ripped the cows head off and wore it while chasing his son. His son managed to get away and ran to the village begging for help and they killed the man. Years later when the boy grew up he wrote the story down on paper but he didn’t want his children finding it so he scattered the papers around different villages.

When Tamaki Hattori was finished a boy on the bus spoke up “That’s not what really happened.” Tamaki Hattori Looked at him and said “Well how do you know.” “Because I have the story right here.” And he pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket as he began reading his eyes turned as if he was possessed. Whatever was on the paper was so horrifying that the students began screaming and begging him to stop but he didn’t. When the school bus never arrived the parents sent out a search party the police found the bus flipped over on its side in a ditch. All the boys including Tamaki Hattori were dead. All except the boy who told the story of Gozu…. .. .