❀ About ❀

✩ Did you stumble onto this site by accident or have a friend refer it to you to use and now that you’re here you have no idea what it is? If the answer’s yes then let me give you the basic breakdown. Lit magazine is a platform for students to share art, have fun, spread information and awareness on school- appropriate topics, and most importantly, be creative and explore the inner workings of themselves! On here kids from the school can either send edits, drawings, or stories they wrote to the magazine on email or come down in person on every Tuesday to join the club that makes the magic happen. To sum it up, it’s Wallenpaupack’s personal school article magazine that allows students to share with us all they’re good at, going all the way from writing to illustrating to computer tech-savvy! To contact us with any questions or ideas contact litmag@wallenpaupack.org.